Health Savings Account

What is an H.S.A.? 

           H.S.A. stands for Health Savings Account.   If you are ENROLLED in an H.S.A. Qualified plan also known as a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you are allowed to open a Health Savings Account at a bank and make tax-deductible contributions up to the annual limit.   Limits are around $3500/year for one person $7000 for a family - Please refer to IRS guidelines for EXACT numbers: H.S.A. contribution limits        

           You can use the money in your H.S.A. account TAX-FREE for any eligible unreimbursed Medical Expenses; examples of unreimbursed medical include the deductible you pay, copayments for Dr. visits or prescription, Coinsurance, and items such as dental and vision.   See IRS guidelines for complete list of eligible expenses or check out the H.S.A. bank website for a summary here:  H.S.A. Bank qualified Medical Expense

NOTE:  Being enrolled in a plan with a large deductible does not mean that plan is an HDHP plan as defined by law and eligible for you to open an H.S.A. bank account.  Be sure to ask your plan administrator or insurance carrier if you have an H.S.A. qualified or HDHP plan. 

Health Savings Accounts with one of the first banks to offer H.S.A.'s.


HSA Bank, a division of Webster Bank, N.A., empowers you to make the most of your healthcare dollars. Our vision is to inspire you to own your health by simplifying the health account experience and utilizing cutting edge technology and innovation to help you make sure you're on your way to a healthy financial future. With over 20 years of experience, we are a trusted leader in the consumer-directed healthcare industry. And we believe that being values-guided bankers, who put our customers and our employees at the heart of everything we do, is what sets us apart.

With an H.S.A. Bank checking accounts, you get access to a variety of  comprehensive list of premium services that fit your lifestyle.

  • Online Banking and E-Statements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Mobile Banking
  • Debit Card to use at Providers office
  • Toll free # to talk to a live agent during regular business hours