“You know a lot and are helping people figure out these rules.

You are very knowledgeable and just a treat to talk to. When I was driving home today, I just had to tell you that. You really know your stuff, and you are just a nice person, so thank you for that. It matters. You don't always get the right answer from the government, and it's nice to have somebody you can talk to.”

-Pat M. 

“Thank you for all your help throughout the years. I am very appreciative and think very highly of you and your staff. Your company is very impressive, and I have had nothing but wonderful service.”

-Natalie Z. – Owner of Enzee Boutique in Elmhurst

“Our process, thanks to you was a breeze and I have much gratitude to all at CB Health.  The Professionalism, caring and putting-upness is top notch!”

-Frank and Julie Kastel 

“Words cannot Thank you enough!”

-Lonni G., needed help with Medicare Supplement and RX plan

“Cathy, thanks again for all your help and being so patient with me and all my questions. You and Joey have certainly made this a good learning experience, and I appreciate it.”

-Peggy P., retiree needing help with Medicare Supplement and RX plan

“Cathy has not only helped me secure my own health insurance, but I have recommended her to many of my friends and clients. She is diligent with following up and is there when you need her! I consider her a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate partner...and a friend.”

-Peggy Kinst

“Cathy is a clear expert in her industry. Her knowledge of health insurance, life insurance and other insurance products is beyond compare. Her ability to find exactly what her clients most need is what keeps me coming back to CB Health Insurance over and over!”

-Anne Lucas

“Cathy is a seasoned professional. We appreciate the guidance she provides making the complex world of health insurance understandable.”

-Tom Sawyer

“When I turned twenty-two I was no longer covered under my parents health insurance plan and I began the daunting process of obtaining my own insurance plan. I began my search using the Internet and quickly realized this was not the type of decision best suited for Internet shopping. My mom got Cathy’s number, and I met with her to discuss my specific needs. She recommended several plans for me to choose from and was excellent about explaining the various options and addressing every question I had regarding deductibles, copays, and many other terms I did not fully understand. Within two weeks I had a top rated insurance plan due to the professionalism of Cathy and her staff. I would encourage anyone who is looking for health care or questioning whether or not they have the best plan for their specific needs to contact Cathy.”

-Jacque Fisher from Schaumburg

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Cathy through training programs I ran in the health care industry. I've been impressed with her commitment to education and and her relentless desire to improve herself and her business. It says a lot about an entrepreneur when you see them educating themselves, never being satisfied with the status quo. It's no wonder she's a rising star in her industry.”

-Jeremiah Desmarias

“I found Cathy on the National Association of Health Underwriters website. The website stated that she specialized in finding health care for individuals and small groups, and I contacted her to help me find insurance for my twenty-two year old daughter. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service she provided. After gathering some information, we had an initial telephone consultation; Cathy provided us with several viable options for health care choices that met our budget needs. She made the process both simple and enjoyable. Cathy is a true professional, very knowledgeable in her field, responsive to her customers, and passionate about delivering on her promise to provide the best plan to suit your needs.”

-Janet McGowan from South Elgin

“I just wanted to thank you once again for your patience and time. Although I was not able to obtain health insurance, you helped me tremendously. It is people like you who make a difference. It’s too bad that there are not more people out there like you. You are a great asset to CB Health.”

-Brenda Raube

“I interned for Cathy for two years throughout college and it did not take me long to realize that Cathy's business continues to grow because of the passion she pours into it. Walk into almost any small business in Elmhurst and they likely know Cathy through the Leads Club, Elmhurst Chamber, or another of the various organizations of which she is an active participant - and the odds are good that they have an insurance plan through her as well. They know the level of service and most importantly, the level of honesty upon which her business was built. In working for Cathy I got to see how a small business can thrive upon creating real relationships with clients, not to mention the amount I learned about insurance because she always took the time to explain the different policies to me and what makes one preferable over another for one person but not necessarily another. It certainly is quite a juggling game! She is completely devoted to finding the best policy for her clients and makes their needs her first priority. I am certain that is why people come back to her time after time and constantly refer friends to her. I have not only purchased an individual policy through Cathy, but also referred friends to her who have done the same. Luckily, she realizes that many people fresh out of college do not know what they're getting themselves into when they have to chose an insurance plan and she is excellent at translating insurance jargon into relatable terms. Cathy's strong work ethic and outgoing, friendly personality not only make her a great insurance agent, they make her a great boss and set the bar high for my future employers!”

-Kara Brockman