Chicagoland Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term-Care Protection Strategies

Long-Term-Care Protection Strategies

The chances of needing long-term care, its cost, and strategies for covering that cost.
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Long-Term-Care Needs

Long-Term-Care Needs

Determine your potential long-term care needs and how long your current assets might last.
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You have spent years saving so that you can enjoy retirement on your terms but have you considered what will happen to that plan if you become sick or injured during retirement? Without long term care insurance in Chicagoland, you and your spouse have not anticipated one of the most common situations that retirees face.

Most retirees are likely to need some sort of nursing care or extended medical assistance during their retirement. The costs of that care averages over $6,000 per month for a private room in a nursing home, according to a recent national study. Costs in the Chicagoland area for a long term care claim are much higher than in other areas of the country.

Can your nest egg meet the demands of $72,000 each year for medical care? For most, the answer is no.

Worried about the cost? Compared to the certainty of huge care costs, most find that the cost of long term care insurance in Chicagoland very affordable. Benefits can be varied to suit your personal needs and budgets, whether you buy a little coverage or a lot. Something is certainly better than nothing!

A long term care insurance policy can protect your retirement dream for you and your spouse. The policy can be customized so that you can receive in-home care rather than being moved to a facility.

You may think that you are already covered by Medicare for a nursing facility but that coverage does not allow for in-home coverage and Medicare pays for exactly 100 days in a skilled nursing facility. That's it - no more! What if you need 6 months, a year or more? And you be displaced to a state-run facility in order to get that care.

Here are two reasons to get started right away!

  1. The earlier you take out a long term care policy, the less the premiums will be. If you are in good health right now, it makes sense to get approved.
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away by filling out the short form. We'll get back to you with an affordable path to securing the retirement you want.

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