Illinois Disability Insurance

<strong>Illinois Disability Insurance Eliminates Money Worries</strong>

Illinois Disability Insurance Eliminates Money Worries

Disabling accidents and illnesses hit Americans roughly once every second, and you, or your employees if you're in business, have a 30% chance of being among them, out of action for more than 90 days, before age 65. Ask yourself: When's the last time you took a 90 day vacation? Probably never, because you can't afford to!

Alarming. Costly. Potentially ruinous – unless you're protected by CB Health Insurance through our Illinois disability insurance program.

CB Health Insurance plans are custom-designed for both individuals, including the self-employed, and businesses, taking care of serious financial worries so victims can focus on their recovery.

Our Illinois disability insurance program can replace up to almost two thirds of individuals' gross income. Depending on the type of policy, it provides short-term or extended coverage and supplements state or federal aid. Keep in mind, the majority of disability claims are not from accidents - they are from illnesses such as cancer, heart-attacks, and other disabling diseases.

Furthermore, if you're in business, failure to provide protection, like our Illinois disability insurance, for your employees puts you at a serious disadvantage when you compete for talent, especially at senior levels.

Also, if your employees have money worries, how will that affect morale and productivity? And what's going to happen to your business, especially if it's a one-person operation, if disability puts you out of action? (NOTE: For business owners, there is insurance to cover the cost of your overhead - rent, utilities, other expenses - while you are sick or injured and can't work, AND it will pay you to find a temporary replacement. Ask us about this.)

Discover quickly, and for free, the competitive cost of securing Illinois disability insurance protection using the no-obligation Quotation Request Form on this page.

CB Health Insurance experts will review your needs and any existing coverage you already have and provide the best Illinois disability insurance coverage you can get.

We can even tailor special protection for key people in your business, with high limits that continue over the long term.

But act now! Risk is ever-present in our fast-moving world. Don't let disability worries ruin your life or your business. Complete the form now for a fast response to your Illinois disability insurance needs. Then you can rest easy.

Ask yourself:

How long can you go without a paycheck?

If the answer is NOT LONG, you need to contact us for a quote!