Some big Companies not waiting for Congress to fix healthcare

August 14, 2017

Two years ago a small group of HR Execs from top US companies met to discuss ways to reduce their healthcare costs. What was born out of these meetings was a group now referred to as the Health Transformation Alliance. The initial meetings were led by executives from American Express, Macy's and Verizon, and now have 41 major companies apart of this group.

Thus far the group has been able to determine that 20% of their costs are coming from a handful of items: "We and our employees spend more than $5 billion each year on 4 procedures and ailments: knee replacements, hip replacements, back pain and diabetes." The group is planning to create new medical networks starting next year to deal with these major medical problems. They are looking to create a place that addresses these conditions with the best, and most cost-effective outcomes.

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