Here we go again ... Republicans trying to repeal ACA law

January 05, 2016

House Republicans plan to send a Repeal of the healthcare law to the Presidents desk. Never mind the fact that some form of repeal was voted on over and over again in the house and senate during the four years from the time the law was passed (3/23/10) to the time a large part of ACA took place (1/1/14); never mind the fact that even if it does reach the President's desk, he will absolutely do veto it. So why bother?

Rather than talk about the same old arguments, why don't they talk to some people who have to buy health insurance, namely individuals without Employer Group health coverage and self-employed business owners. Why not talk about what's not working - 40-50% rate increases from the largest carrier in IL, narrow networks with Dr.'s and hospitals leaving many large insurance company options. Insurance companies pulling products from the marketplace and fewer and fewer options for individuals. We have less choice, huge premiums and out of control healthcare costs with extremely large out of pocket maximums all thanks to this law. The market cannot sustain 40-50% rate increases. Somethings gotta give, but don't hold your breath that anything will be done under this Congress or this President.