Shopping During Medicare Annual Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15th and runs through December 7th.   Shop for Medicare RX and Medicare Advantage plans on our new YourMedicare website; click the LEARN MORE button below.   

Our first priority is helping you pick the best RX or MAPD plan that suits your needs.  During the busy Medicare Open Enrollment Season, our office is inundated with calls and emails, and in an effort to help our clients shop for new Medicare RX and MAPD plans, we have set up this website for you to view the plans our office is Certified to Sell.  NOTE:  Plans for next year will be viewable beginning on October 1st; however, you will not be able to change or enroll for the following year until October 15th. 

Shop for IL RX and MAPD Plans


Our first priority is helping you find the BEST Medicare plans that suite your needs and budget.   While our office is licensed with most of the Major A-rating insurance carriers in IL, we are not licensed with all carriers.   To see the entire list of carriers in IL, you can visit . 

If you are currently our client, our office will run an RX or MAPD report once a year for each client during the annual Open Enrollment.  Our office has the ability to view ALL carriers in the state of IL and can provide the toll free number to any carriers we don't represent that are a better fit for you so that you can enroll direct. 

You're 65 and you qualify for Medicare insurance coverage in Illinois. Now you need to complete your protection by purchasing the right Medicare supplement insurance in Illinois to help fills the gaps that Medicare does not cover.

Our office can give you options with a variety of companies, or you can check out some prices with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL on your own using the link below. For quotes from a variety of carriers, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to be contacted by our office.

Shop for Blue Cross Plans here:

Blue Cross Medicare plans

Our office represents a number of carriers, including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL, Mutual of Omaha, UnitedHealthcare®, Silverscript RX and more. Contact us for info: 630-279-1739 or email

Medicare alone may not be enough coverage for some people.

There are deductibles for Medicare Part A or B insurance, and the 20% coinsurance on part B, which is unlimited. The deductible for hospitalization (Part A) is per occurrence, not per calendar year. So an individual that might have Medicare only, and who is hospitalized two times in a year, will be subject to the Part A deductible for each, separate hospitalization. Also if you have a large claim under Part B (outpatient services), Medicare pays 80% after the deductible and you will pay 20% of the approved claims. 

Let's face it, Medicare can be confusing! Cathy and her staff can spend several hours just explaining the basics of Medicare. Between explaining Medicare options, helping pick a plan, and follow up calls to answer questions, we can spend many hours just helping one person pick the BEST plan to meet their needs. That is why we created a YouTube channel where you can ...

  • Watch short, 5-10 minutes educational videos on different Medicare topics.
  • Learn the basics of Medicare and
  • Understand your choices and options
  • Become Educated so you can make the BEST decision for your situation!

If you want true piece of mind that your Part A deductible and coinsurance will be covered, a Medicare supplement plan will do just that. A supplement, or Medigap insurance as it is sometimes referred to, will allow you the freedom to go to any provider that accepts Medicare in the US. You will not need to be concerned to see if a Dr. is 'in' the network; as long as they accept Medicare, you are good!

NOTE: Those who may be on a limited budget and unable to afford a supplement, an RX Part D drug card, and pay for Medicare Part B premiums, may want to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan with Prescription Drug coverage - MAPD (Part C of Medicare). These plans include a drug card and many of the advantage plans offer extra benefits, such as dental and vision. These plans typically utilize a list of providers through an HMO or PPO; so be sure to inquire if your providers accept these plans. And of course, feel free to ask our staff about these plans and for assistance in looking up providers!

If you would like our assistance in purchasing a plan, please complete the form to be contacted about your options. And don't forget to watch our videos to learn more!

Submit your information, and our office will contact you about your Medicare Coverage options.

Note: This is a solicitation for insurance.

Outside of the Annual Medicare Open Enrollment, our office charges a fee to review your insurance options if you are not a current client with our office.  To review your current coverage, provide quotes for alternative Medicare Supplements, and discuss your overall Medicare needs including whether to consider a Medicare Advantage plan vs Med Supp and RX, please refer to the page "shopping for plans" on our website.