Our Process for Group Health Insurance Quotes


Complete the Group Co info form AND provide an EE Census forms, listing the employees and dependents who would like coverage.  Then return to our office via email.

Group Co.info

Complete the Group Info.


EE Census

Information Needed

  1. Name:
  2. Relationship:
  3. Date of Birth:
  4. Gender:
  5. Home Zip Code:

Group Census Form

Fill and complete the Census Form

Step 2

Step 2

After receiving the completed forms, our office will verify receipt and order quotes from the top A-rated insurance carriers; if we have any questions, of course we will let you know.  Quotes can take 1-3 days to receive and/or for our office to input data and run quotes.

Step 3 

Step 3 

Our office will reach out to you to schedule a Go To Meeting Conference call or  Zoom Call to review the quotes. This is the EASIEST way to review quotes and allows me to share my screen and review the quotes, answer questions and make recommendations.  These calls generally run 1 hour, and we will cover not only the quotes in details, but also the rules and requirements of the insurance company for Employer Contribution and participation.  We will provide several times that might work and can schedule them up to 2 weeks in advance to work with your schedule and find the best time for you to conduct this call.

Step 4

Step 4

Decide on a plan and an effective date and apply!  Our office will assist you with completing the Employer forms and putting together materials to hand out or email to employees.  We can assist you, the owner or administrator, in picking which plans to offer to the employees, and we can put together information to hand out to employees about the plan choices, the premiums, and the networks and help them pick a plan

We are licensed with the top A-rated insurance carriers in Illinois and are happy to provide quotes.   We can show you quotes with Blue Cross, Humana and UnitedHealthcare®.(NOTE:  These are the only 3 carriers currently selling a fully-insured, ACA small group plan in the state of IL.  Cigna, for example, does not offer plans to groups with less the 50 employees. And Aetna is now only selling Level Funded plans.)

We can also discuss Level Funded plans, but we do not recommend them for groups with less than 10 people enrolled.   These plans work best when the risk is spread over a larger employee population, usually 20 or more employees and families enrolled. 

Our office is available to do a Virtual Employee Meeting or have employees contact our staff direct with their questions; we can assist you and the employees in looking up providers, understanding the difference in the plans, and helping them determine the best plan for their situation.