PPO Dental Plans



Other Important Information

Choice of 2 PPO plans: PPO Plus and PPO. Immediate coverage for Diagnosis and Preventative benefits.

Online app not available at this time. 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL has 2 dental plans for adults and children. However, the individual dental is only available to under-age-65 clients who also purchase a Medical plan with Blue Cross. They do not sell "Stand-alone" dental plans without the medical.. For those who do have a Blue Cross ACA medical plan, the dental can be added to your plan during the open enrollment period.

Gold, Silver and Bronze level plans available. Plans for adults and children. Annual max for adults up to $1500. No waiting period for Preventative Services, and Freedom to Choose the Dentist of your choice! (Plan provides benefits for non-contracted dentists; see brochure for details.)


Preventative Plus is one of the most affordable options with immediate coverage for Preventative, basic services covered after 6 months, and immediate discounts for major services from in-network dentists only (up to 28% discount for some services!) NOTE: Benefits are reduced for "out of network" dentists

Spirit Dental offers plans with NO WAITING periods and coverage for all services immediately.

NOTE: There is a limited benefit the first year of coverage. Plans cover Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and even IMPLANTS! You can choose a plan with a network of dentists or, choose a plan that allows you to go to ANY Dentist. Plans offer a lifetime deductible. Annual maximums do vary by state. Check available coverage in your area by entering your zip code.