CB Insurance

We are CB Health Insurance, not CB Insurance

Our company was founded by the owner, Cathy Bajkowski, a licensed agent in the state of IL selling Health Insurance to businesses and to those eligible for Medicare.  While we represent some of the top carriers in the nation (Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, Humana, Unitedhealthcare), our office does not bill or collect any premiums for these plans.  

All bills are sent directly from the carrier (Aetna, BCBS, UHC) to the insured.

Our office has received dozens of calls from people across the country claiming that we are deducting money from their bank account.  CB Health Insurance does not bill or deduct any premiums from anyone's bank account.   

With the help of some very nice individuals trying to cancel these bank deductions we learned the following:  

CHUBB sells Accident policies and deducts from the person's bank account (and this is offered through the bank!) an amount from $20-25. It only lists CB Insurance, and the bank gives out OUR info - incorrectly. We get calls from all over the US asking to stop payments.  

If you are in need of cancelling a policy for insurance being deducted from your bank account and listed as "CB Insurance", you need to contact the TPA - Coverdell - that administers these policies: 1-888-844-1536 Coverdell - TPA for Chubb.

NOTE: CB Health insurance does not bill premiums for the policies we sell. All billing comes directly from carriers for premiums, AND we are only Licensed in IL.

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