Land of Lincoln still an option for Individual health

November 06, 2015

This article was posted at the start of Open Enrollment. LLH closed enrollment at noon on 12/30/15 and is not accepting additional members from in 2016.

This is now the third open enrollment for the IL Co Op company. While they were late to start the first year the market was open (enrolling about 5000 insureds), last year they went gangbusters and reached a membership of 50,000! Low rates and large networks attracted many who were looking for an alternative the big carriers that dominated the market for years.

With announcements of several Co Op companies closing across the country, some were worried about the future of Land of Lincoln. As claims started to come in and the began experiencing the increasing cost of healthcare, the company made a conscious decision to limit enrollment for 2016; the goal is to manage their growth (and expenses) and grow at a healthy rate so they will continue to be a viable option.

That being said, they did not release their rates to the large quoting engines (QuotIt, Norvax, E-health), but members can go direct or use a broker's link like the one below. CB Health Insurance has been licensed with LLH since spring of 2014, and have signed up many members with LLH; individuals can apply direct and use our agent number so that we can service your policy: NPN: 1879400 and select: Catherine Bajkowski as your broker.

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