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You're 65 and you qualify for Medicare insurance coverage in Illinois. Now you need to complete your protection by purchasing the right Medicare supplement insurance in Illinois to cover all the items that Medicare won't.

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Our office represents a number of carriers, including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL, Mutual of Omaha, UHC (AARP), Silverscript RX and more.  Contact us for info:  630-279-1739 or emails

Medicare by itself is not enough!  There are deductibles for Medicare A or B insurance, and the 20% coinsurance on part B is unlimited!  So if you have a large claim - such as going through chemo and radiation for cancer - you will pay 20% of ALL of the Part B (outpatient services).  With an Illinois Medicare supplemental policy, you can fill in your coverage so that you are fully protected - most Illinois Medicare Supplement plans pay the Part A and Part B deductibles as well as the 20% coinsurance, which leaves you with ZERO out of pocket costs. 

Worried about the costs?  Complete the form below and ask for a FREE quote with the TOP A-rated Carriers in Chicagoland and Illinois for Supplemental Medicare insurance.  There are a variety of supplement options and our office can show you ways to save money on certain plans.  Some carriers offer incentives to use certain hospitals, giving you about a 9.5% annual savings.  Other companies give discounts for spouses that apply together, and CB Health Insurance can show you cost-saving plans that introduce a small Dr. copay, but offer big savings.  Just ask our staff about these plans!   

 NOTE:  To schedule an in-office appointment, we do charge a fee.  We are happy to spend the time with you, but offer a free phone consultation as an alternative.  Medicare can be confusing, and Cathy and staff can spend several hours just explaining the basics of Medicare.  Between explaining Medicare options, helping pick a plan, and follow up calls to answer questions, we can spend many hours just helping one person pick the BEST plan to meet their needs.  That is why we are in the process of creating a YouTube channel where you can have access to Cathy and all her knowledge for FREE!   STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO!  

If you want true piece of mind when you walk into a doctor's office to know that you will have no out-of-pocket expenses,a good Medicare supplement plan will do just that.  (Also referred to as Medigap insurance)   If you want the freedom to choose your Dr.'s and not have to worry about a potential large claim, this is another reason to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. 

NOTE:  Those who are seeking the biggest discounts or might be on a very tight budget and would like to have additional benefits, such as a drug card, dental and vision, you may want to take a look at a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C of Medicare).  These plans typically utilize a list of providers through an HMO or PPO.  These plans can offer great savings if you are willing to work with a network of providers.  Again, ask our staff about these plans! .

With Medicare supplements insurance in Illinois,  you can choose your own doctor and to let your medical needs dictate the treatment you get.

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